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Our Menu, served all day, every day at Mama

Appetizers / Sides

Garlic Naan

Try our chewy homemade garlic Naan, Perfect alongside your stew!

ISK 990

Green Olives

A bowl of green olives for your tastebuds

ISK 990

Mini Salad

Leafy greens, veggies, herbs, and our delicious miso dressing

ISK 1,290

Tahini Hummus

Homemade Tahini Hummus with sourdough bread

ISK 1,490

Lentil Chips & Dips

Protein-rich snacks with our delicious dips ‘herb sour cream and miso tahini’

ISK 990

Tortilla Chips & Dips

Crunchy and savory tortilla chips with our cashew sour cream and spicy chipotle topped with coriander

ISK 990

Soup of the week

We rotate between our most loved soups every week. Served with sourdough bread. - Ask our waiters for the current soup -

ISK 2,890

Hummus & Friends

Homemade tahini hummus, crunchy fresh veggies, olives and sourdough breads

ISK 2,990

Our Hearty Stews

All Dishes served with rice

Dhal a la Mama

A comforting red lentil stew with coconut milk, lime leaves, tomatoes, carrots, onions, and garlic Infused with our own roasted indian
spice mix for an ultimate experience

Topped with
Cherry tomatoes, roasted almonds, mango chutney, vegan yogurt,

ISK 3,390

Chilli Sin Carne

Spicy and smoked chipotle stew with soft kidney beans, sweet potatoes tomatoes, garlic, onion, cumin, oregano, coriander seeds, cinnamon, lemon, mushroom bouillon, and dark chocolate

Topped with:
Chopped red bell peppers, tortilla chips, fresh cilantro, vegan sour cream and our homemade chipotle dressing

ISK 3,390

Mama Curry

Aromatic creamy yellow curry, with chickpeas, potato chunks, coconut milk, garlic, onion, lemon, and our own homemade Indian curry spice mix

Topped with:
Roasted cashews, cucumbers, red onions, coriander, vegan garlic yogurt

ISK 3,390

West Africa

Umami stew with west African spices, tomatoes, chunky sweet potatoes, peanut butter, celery, spinach and onions

Topped with
Salty & roasted peanuts, coriander, red cherry tomatoes, lemon grass dressing

ISK 3,390


With our home made sourdough

Mushroom Sandwich

Marinated portabello mushrooms, rucola, tomatoes, red onions, herb cashew sourcream dressing

ISK 3,290

Avocado & Falafel

Avocados, grilled falafel, red onion, tomatoes, rucola, garlic yogurt dressing

ISK 3,290

Hummus & Pesto

Homemade hummus & pesto, tomatoes, cucumbers, rucola, sour cream dressing

ISK 3,290


Rainbow Salad

A salad to brighten up your day!

red cabbage, Icelandic salad, seasoned chickpeas, bell peppers, dates, blueberries,
roasted pumpkin seeds, herb cashew sour cream dressing

ISK 3,390

Mexi Salad

Flavors of Mexico
Icelandic salad, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, avocado, red bell peppers, red onion, sun-dried tomatoes, coriander, parsley, chipotle dressing, herb cashew sour cream, tortilla chips

ISK 3,290


Peanut Butter Love

Frozen ripe bananas, peanut butter, maple syrup, dark chocolate, sea salt, oat milk

ISK 1,790

Ecstatic Banana

Frozen ripe bananas, turmeric spice blend, ginger, dates, oat milk

ISK 1,790

Chocolate Tahini

Frozen ripe bananas, maple syrup, light tahini, oat choco milk and pinch of salt

ISK 1,790

Fresh Juices

The Red One

Beetroot, pear, lemon

ISK 1,790

The Green One

Cucumber, celery, ginger, apple

ISK 1,790

The Orange One

Oranges, carrots, ginger

ISK 1,790

Raw Cakes


Our signature vegan sheese cake with wild blueberries and vanilla

ISK 1,890

Peanut Butter Jam

Salty peanut butter cake with raspberry jam

ISK 1,890

Bliss Balls

Coco Bliss

Vegan sheese, roasted coconut, vanilla, maple syrup, dipped in dark chocolate

ISK 790

Peanut Butter Bliss

Almonds, cashew nuts, peanut butter, sea salt, dates, dipped in dark chocolate

ISK 790

Tahini & Cacao bliss

Cacao, white tahini, almonds, cashew, dates, dipped in dark chocolate

ISK 790



ISK 790


ISK 790


ISK 890


ISK 990

Matcha Superfood Latte

Matcha, maca, lemongrass, oat milk and 14 mushroom superfoods

ISK 1,090

Golden Milk

Delicious turmeric latte with turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, pepper, oat milk, maple syrup

ISK 890

100% Raw Cacao

ISK 1,200

Coconut Water

ISK 990

Ebeltoft Soda

ISK 990


ISK 990

Sparkling water

ISK 500

Oatly Chocolate

ISK 450

Ginger Shot

ISK 500


ISK 1,190



Herbal tea blends


Yarrow ~ Peppermint ~ Elderflower

This recipe is a few hundred years old, and has been used to treat the flu and other viruses. These herbs prevent viruses from spreading throughout the body, strengthen the immune system and open up the airways.

ISK 790


Rosemary ~ Ginkgo Biloba ~ Lemon Balm ~ Holy Basil

The herbs in this tea can clear brain fog, help with attention deficiency, memory-loss and fatigue. These herbs increase blood flow to the brain and regenerate nerve cells. This tea is perfect for those who are looking for increased clarity, peace of mind and focus.

ISK 790

Gut Feeling

Marigold ~ Fennelseeds ~ Chamomile Cardamom

These warming and relaxing herbs encourage digestion, help to soothe the stomach, and get things moving! This is a wonderful tea to have with food, as the herbs get the digestive fire burning and help with any pain or discomfort.

ISK 790

Cup of Calm

Wood Betony ~ Oatstraw ~ Lavender Linden Flower

This is an incredibly relaxing tea for the body and soul. The herbs in this tea strengthen and nourish the nervous system, as well as encourage feelings of happiness. Drink this tea in the morning or at night, to give the body deep relaxation.

ISK 790


Peppermint ~ Thyme ~ Marshmallow Leaves Licorice root

This delicious tea opens up the airways, with herbs that release mucus, have antiviral and antibacterial activity. These herbs will also soothe a cough and freshen up the respiratory system.

ISK 790

Love Potion

Roses ~ Lemon Balm ~ Linden Flower ~ Damiana

This soothing tea includes herbs that relax and open the heart, regulate the heartbeat and act as a cardiac tonic. This tea is perfect for grief, happiness and as an emotional release.

ISK 790

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