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Hi! Welcome to our page.

We are excited to see you here. On this page, we share our magic as we look at it. We share recipes, story’s, events, our menu and any other exciting adventures that might be happening. We hope that you will enjoy and please feel free to send us a message if you have any questions or contact us through the phone.


About Us

We are a group of people that want to give back by creating a space where we can share our gifts and receive gifts from others. All of us have been exploring life in different ways, finding out what works for us to maintain a state of well being. Yogis, cooks, meditators, musicians, travelers, nature lovers, mothers, fathers, explorers of life.

We want to give back and continue our growth through this project. We feel like this place will give Reykjavík the vibrations it deserves. Based on Wholeness - Aliveness - Health - Community - Compassion and Passion.

What we are offering is wide from being plant-based vegan food, wellness, music, art, spirituality, and community.

The Creation

Mama was a creation that was differently alive for some time in all of our minds, but one day we decided to follow the flow of inspiration and at least look for a kitchen to start to produce our amazing hummus.
One thing led to another until there was no turning back. The universe had something bigger in store for us so Mama became a reality and now we are excited to nourish and watch Mama grow and evolve.




We focus a lot on community and activating our group dynamic, working together so we can allow each and everyone to share and explore their gifts.
We are heart-centered and we anchor in the importance of love and respect to each other allowing the community to grow in that way.


I hope you enjoy our menu and events and if you have anything you feel excited to share pls let us know so we can see if it fits into our project.


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