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100% pure, Ceremonial-Grade Cacao that has been grown, harvested, fermented, toasted, peeled, ground, and packaged by Nana Marina and her Tz’utujil Mayan family.

This Cacao has been prepared in the most organic, harmonious, fair-trade and traditional way possible. ❤️

For the Mayan people, cacao is utilized as a rebirthing medicine, helping to get rid of negativity, release emotional suffering, and experience universal love. Cacao is a medicine of the heart, powerful when used in meditation, and in prayer as an offering to spirit.

Each block contains 12-20 servings of cacao, depending on your preference.

This sacred native “Criollo Cacao” is originally from the forest of Guatemala, cultivated by descendants of the original cacao farmers and processed by the Cruz family from the Tz’utujil Mayan tradition. This Cacao is one of the most revered and honored plants for the Mayan people and now by many around the world.

Ceremonial Guatemalan Cacao // 1 Pound // IXMUCANE

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