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Costa Rica

Nature Immersion - Free your Voice
Body Flow - Community Living - Sacred Chants

March 10-20, 2022

We invite you to join us for this transformative journey on the rich land of Costa Rica.


 10 Days where we gather with the intention to go deeper into the connection to ourselves, each other and nature.

In a strong container, we will start every day with physical practice to cleanse and activate the body for the day. Opening up the channels will help us to be more receptive to the vital energy of the forest.

We will also be working with our voice. Learning how to trust our voice, strengthening our connection to it. De-armouring all the walls that are in the way so the naked voice can shine through. Awakening our creative expression through sounding and singing.


The foundation of the immersion will be - Voice , Community & Body - held in the energy of the wild Nature. In the first days we will enter into a Temazcal (sweat lodge) to leave everything behind and enter into this phase with clarity and strong intentions. From there we will start interacting with the community we will stay with. Having afternoon workshops that will open our mind and hearts to the ideas of community living and understand our place in the world through the lens of permaculture. 

 🌴 Three Pillars of this Journey 🌴

Voice & Sound

When used with intention, our own voice can be a miraculous healing tool. it is a primordial pathway into our body and soul. We will explore how sound vibrates in our body. with different techniques we experience where sound resonates in the body and how to use that as an internal massage, from the inside out, clearing the chakras, relaxing the body & releasing outdated imprinting. We will get to know deep practices from different ethnic traditions & playful interactive games from the creative flow of the moment. 


They say 1 year of community living is like 10 years of growth. A lot comes up in intimate relationships, and community is a potent platform to mature into a healthy human being. Certainly not easy, but with the right attitude and the right tools, miracles can happen. Where are our strengths? Where are our weaknesses? What are our natural leadership roles? How do we communicate well? How do we take decisions together? There are many ways to work together, and here we will explore community through the lens of permaculture.

Movement & Body

Our body, the container of our experiences; it holds memories, emotions, and it wants to express itself! Listening and connecting to our body helps us to understand it's needs and ways.

With certain movement and exercises, with breath and deep listening, we can bring deeper awareness to our body and feel the sensation of our whole being. Explore your body like you've never before. Here we get the opportunity to explore the nature of movement, surrounded by the mighty jungle.



What you will get out of this?


What you can expect in this time frame is a deeper connection to your heart, voice, mind and body. Tools of practises will be shared for you to continue developing your own daily routine. Impactful times that will create strong relationships and human connection.



This retreat will be held in the mountain range in central west Costa Rica. The precise location is within the community of Tacotal. Close to many other communities like Alegria Village and Eco villa.



March 10-20 2023


For whom is this immersion?


Everyone who is on the self discovery journey. 

Everyone who loves nature and adventures

Everyone who want to open up the voice

Everyone who are interested in community living


If you are interested in only one of these things. We can reassure you that all these aspects will support each other.




We would like to have this retreat available to as many as possible. So we will offer 3 types of prices.


Normal Price - 2000 Dollars // 1750 Early bird (1 left)

Angel Investor 2000+ Dollars

*350 USD Confirmation fee*

22spots total


What is included?




Cacao Ceremonies



Pick up to the airport

Guided walks around the area

Visit to other communities

Welcome package

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